Justin Fara


A lifelong affinity for design and construction led Justin to an architecture degree from Kent State University. After graduation in 2007 he worked designing custom-built, high-end homes in the suburbs of Chicago. Combining sustainable architecture with evolving energy technology, he went on to develop high-efficiency energy solutions for homes and businesses. Justin’s years of experience in both architecture and sustainability proved to be invaluable as the industry grew increasingly concerned with energy costs and their environmental footprint.

His introduction to the contracting side of the industry came in 2011, when a close friend was diagnosed with cancer. While still practicing architecture, he began a painting company working on nights and weekends to help pay her cancer treatment. His efforts were so successful that in 2013, while continuing as a practicing architect, he incorporated Cure with Paint. The company quickly built a commendable reputation with significant growth from year to year. Cure with Paint is now a division of BJ Construction.

BJ Construction is made up of highly trained and well-qualified employees